Smart Air Purifier

NuWave OxyPure

Protects your family from harmful airborne viruses, bacteria and indoor pollutants.


Kills 99.99% of bacteria and 99.68% of viruses.

Replaceable HEPA/Activated Carbon filter

Covers spaces up to 111m2

5 filter system removes a range of pollutants

Removes all particles down to 0.09 microns

Controllable via WiFi-enabled mobile App

Backed By Science

The science behind the OxyPure is fully independantly tested and vetted by Intertek labs, who have been providing quality and safety assurance for over 130 years.

Our relationship with Intertek gives you the confidence and assurance that the NuWave OxyPure will live up to the specifications and provide your family with safe, clean air in the home.

Protect Your family

Guard your family against the flu, colds, allergies and asthma – with the push of a button.

Get the peace of mind of knowing your family is breathing air free from bacteria, viruses, smoke, lead, gases & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens.

Breathe easy, sleep better, stay healthy

Improve your health and quality of life with cleaner air in any room in the home, including extra large spaces up to 111m2.

By cutting allergens you can ease nasal congestion and Asthma symptoms allowing for less disturbed sleep. With the light free Sleep Mode the OxyPure will clean your air all night without disturbing you.


Revolutionary 5-Filter System


A Stainless-Steel Pre-Filter that captures the larger particles, pollutants and allergens and traps them until you eliminate them forever by washing the filter.


A high-tech Bio-Guard Filter that traps particles and pollutants such as lead, bacteria, dust mites, mold, mold spores, viruses, pollen and allergens as small as 0.09 microns (vs. 0.30 microns for most of today’s leading models), but also kills those viruses and bacteria, eliminating them forever.


An Ozone Emissions Removal Filter that eliminates all airborne pollutants including ozone emissions 70 times more effectively than EPA requirements.


Lastly, a dual-layer HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter that removes not only pollen, allergens, lead, dust mites, mould and mould spores, but also industrial emissions, VOCs such as benzene, formaldehyde, and other cleaning chemicals, and dangerous household fumes, cooking odours, smoke and nitrogen dioxides from gas stoves and car exhausts.

With Today’s Ever-Increasing Levels Of Air Pollution And Environmental Health Risks, The SMART-Enabled Eco-Friendly NuWave OxyPure Is An Appliance ALL Households Need To Consider.

Destroy pollutants in extra large spaces up to 1200 sq. ft (111m2). Suitable for office or home environments.

360-degree air intake allows the OxyPure™ to be positioned anywhere in a room, as opposed to many units that must be placed against a wall to be effective because they only take in air from one side.

6 Fan Speeds

The OxyPure™’s powerful, whisper-quiet DC Motor offers a full range of fan speeds from a gentle breeze to turbo, that lets you clean the air at your pace, and comfort level.

6 Air Quality Levels

With the OxyPure™’s color-coded display, you will know at a glance how clean, or dirty, your air is, and be able to take action immediately.

6 Odour Levels

The OxyPure™’s advanced odour detection system alerts you in real time to odour issues in the air, allowing you to eradicate them quickly and easily.

Eco-Friendly Mode

In Eco-Friendly Mode the OxyPure™ stays off until it detects poor air quality. Once it does, it automatically goes to the highest fan level until the air improves, and then it shuts off. This function, unique to the OxyPure™, is a great energy-saver.

Sleep Mode

Automatically turns off all indicator lights and allows for flexible fan speeds and noise levels to promote ideal sleeping conditions.

Ultimate Clean

The OxyPure™ reacts based on air quality, automatically adjusting the fan to a higher speed when its advance sensors detect a sudden drop in the quality of the air.

Eliminates Allergens & Pathogens

Viruses and Atmospheric Dust

Paint Pigments, Clay, Lead and Radioactive Fallout

Burning Wood Smoke and Coal Flue Gas

Bacteria, Carbon Black Dust, and Insecticide Dusts

Talcum Dust and Copier Toner

Fiber Glass, Coal Dust, Anthrax, and Auto and Car Emissions

Lead Dust, Carbon Black Dust, Spores, and Asbestos

Combustion Related, Motor Vehicles, and Industrial Emissions

Cement Dust, Burning Wood, Mold, and Mold Spores

Iron Dust, Textile Dust, Fiberglass Installation, and Tobacco Smoke

Fertilizer, Pollen, Plant and Flower Allergens, Mold Spores, and Dust Mites

Cleaning Products, Floor Polishes, Dyes, and Paint

Carpet, Flooring, Furniture, and Adhesives

Nitrogen Dioxides from Gas Stoves and Car Exhausts

Household Fumes, Smoke, and Cooking Odours

Pollutants Emitted by Power Plants, Refineries, and Chemical Plants

How It Works

It doesn't just capture, it Destroys the Pollutants in your Air

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, capture 99.97% of the air’s particulates larger than 0.3 microns in size. Anything smaller is re-released into the air. While HEPA filters have successfully reduced particle pollution in the home, they are typically unable to reduce unwanted gaseous elements.

Ionization or Corona Discharge, which creates and disperses negatively charged particles called ions into the air, are supposed to attract and contain unwanted pollutants, but years of independent research has failed to substantiate any measurable reduction in airborne particles.

Ozone Generation is the third method typically used by today’s air purifiers. They release ozone (O3) into the air to eliminate odor pollutants, bacteria and organic matter. However, it has also come under fire from consumer groups and even the EPA, arguing that adding ozone to the home’s air is not only ineffective in eliminating contaminants but actually introduces more harmful contaminants into the air. “Relatively low amounts [of ozone] can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and throat irritation,” warns the EPA. “Ozone may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections.”

Stainless-Steel PrefilterYes20 Years
Bio-Guard FilterYes20 Years
Ozone Removal FilterYes20 Years
HEPA/Carbon FilterNoUp to 1 Year*
*Depending on the amount of use and environment.

OxyPure & Low Cost of Ownership

With any air purifier, there are two ongoing expenses to consider beyond unit price: filter replacement cost and energy costs.

Three of the four OxyPure Filters are designed to be cleanable and have a useful lifespan of up to 20 years, while the fourth will last up to a year* before requiring replacement.

Customers love the NuWave Oxypure

Karyn C.

After much research, I purchased the Oxypure Smart Air Purifier by Nuwave & am Extremely happy & impressed with purchase. Its very quite and easy to use. We have it on Auto mode usually & we have noticed that the air quality in our house has greatly improved as there are no lingering cooking smells or odours. Can highly recommend!

Leslie B.

Was purchased for our daughter who has a lung problem, and she says it really works, she has dogs in the house, when she opens a door red lights come on to be aware that the air outside is coming in

Christine Q.

cleared the smell of freshly painted walls quickly
air feels clean and fresh
house is fresh

Heather C.

The Nuwave has changed our 'stuffy ', 'dusty', ' doggy , 'smokey ', ' old cooking smells' farmhouse. I can be sure that when I get home our house smells fresh without leaving doors and windows open. The house is warmer on cold days as I dont have to open the the windows. My blocked nose isnt a problem now. I love the clean air and clean smells in our farmhouse

Special Offer

NuWave OxyPure

The Most Advanced Air Purifier on the Market Today

Get the peace of mind of knowing your family is breathing air free from bacteria, viruses, smoke, lead, gases & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens.

  • The NuWave Oxypure Air Purifier
  • Stainless-Steel Pre-Filter
  • Bio-Guard Filter
  • Ozone Emission Removal Filter
  • HEPA/Activated Carbon Combo Filter
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Owners' Manual

Purchase the Nuwave OxyPure and get 2 HEPA filters free